Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nasty stomach bug destroys running plans this week

My running plans were pretty much a wash this week. I had a terrible stomach bug on Thursday and Friday. I'm better now, but not better enough, as I learned on the run this morning. I started optimistically enough, but had to walk after three miles. I've lost four pounds in the last two days, so I know I'm dehydrated. I managed to walk another two the shade with a water bottle, thankfully. Now I've got to take the girls shopping for girl's camp, and then the rest of the weekend I plan to rest and recuperate even more. Surely by Monday I'll feel much better. I'm going to run Monday morning and then work at the results table that night at the summer run put on by the local running club. I love volunteering and seeing others discover the joy of running! In the next blog, I'll get back to past race reports. 

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