Monday, June 27, 2011

Seabrook '09

After Surfside, we left the RV park and drove a couple of hours to a state park west of Houston. It was a dreary ride in the motor home, and I guess I had a little bit of post-marathon blues. I knew that circumstances had been beyond my control that day, but I was disappointed that this was my slowest marathon so far. After all of my dedicated training, I didn't want to end the experience on that note. As soon as we made it home on Sunday, I started searching the internet for another race. Seabrook was coming up in about three weeks. I didn't want to run another full marathon that soon, but the half was sounding pretty good. I signed up that day before I could change my mind.

After taking a couple of days off, I ran again that Wednesday. Ouch! My foot was hurting again. I could see that I would not be able to train much for Seabrook. Since I felt that I was still in decent shape from the marathon training, I decided not to worry about it and just have fun. The best thing for my foot was I was busy with schoolwork. That semester was my last semester of coursework before I graduated, and my schedule was full. I would think about Seabrook as a nice little weekend get-a-way with my husband.

We took the motor home again and stayed in an RV park in Webster, which was about 20 minutes away from the race. It was a cold and drizzly day...perfect running weather in my opinion. The race was pretty uneventful. The course was the same as before...two loops on the trail beginning and ending at the park. The first mile of the race is on the pavement, then the runners filter on to a small trail. The trail starts at just about the time when some people start to slow down and walk. This can be bad if you get stuck behind someone who stops short on the narrow path. It can be a little frustrating until the crowd thins out and you can find your pace. I have no other complaints, though. This was still an excellent event. My foot did bother me by the second loop, but I managed to finish with a decent time, 2:09, and I felt strong at the end. It was fun, but I promised myself on the way home not to sign up for any more events. I knew I would need to back off to let my foot rest and to concentrate on school. I could see lots of exciting things in my future!

I did make it to graduation that August. After a summer internship at a chiropractor's office, I received my bachelor's degree in exercise science and fitness management. I was proud to reach my lifetime goal to get a college degree. I do have to admit, I was feeling a little lost and unsure of what to do next. I won't go into all the details of my career/education plans, but I knew I wasn't ready to work full-time. It was time to take a year to try to figure it out.

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