Sunday, August 18, 2013

Where has the Time Gone??

Wow, I started this blog two years ago, and obviously it didn't work out too well. Today was stake conference, and the stake president mentioned that he has a blog. It reminded me that I also have a that I have neglected for the past two years. Poor blog never had a chance to lift off the ground before I became so busy with grad school, writing a thesis, planning a wedding, applying to internship, enrolling in internship, completing the internship, passing the RD exam, being a busy mom...well, I guess I had a lot of good reasons. I think I will give it another go, and this time, I'm determined to do better. I've always needed a writing outlet, and school has provided one for quite a while now, although not a very fun or creative one. I plan to use this as a journal of sorts, where I can write about my daily thoughts and adventures, as well as my ongoing personal quest for balance and physical and spiritual health.

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