Sunday, October 6, 2013

Conference Resolutions

This weekend has been another wonderful general conference. In fact, I can agree with President Monson when he said at the end of this morning's session that this has been one of the most inspiring sessions of any general conference he's attended. I feel I have received answers to specific prayers I have been searching for, including questions about my professional life and roles as woman and mother. I feel inspired to not only relish the spirit of this meeting, but also to move to action in my own life. Every January, I set New Year's resolutions. Now it is October, and I want to set Conference resolutions. These are three areas that I felt nudged to improve. There are so many more, and I plan to add to this list as I read and listen again to these beautiful talks.

1. I resolve to never lose sight of my most important calling in life: mother. One theme I perceived throughout this conference was the value of womanhood. I am finding out how difficult it is to pursue a professional life after years of staying home to nurture my family. Admittedly, there are moments of doubt when I wonder if I have hurt myself and my family by giving up those years in the workforce. I am now reminded that the Lord has blessed my family abundantly and will continue to do so as we strive to keep His commandments and put Him first in our lives. Success will come if I wait upon the Lord.

2. I resolve to be more diligent in my personal spiritual development. This was another noticeable thread to me, and it was a clear answer to my prayers for my own children. If we are to lead our children in love and righteousness, we are going to have to increase our own personal righteousness. This means more purpose in our prayers, and more consistency and focus in our studies. I will pray on my knees every morning and night and check in with the Lord throughout the day through a prayer in my heart. I will not let other interests impede my scripture study time.

3. I resolve to be a better visiting teacher. This ones stings quite a bit. I love the sisters I visit, but I'm not very good at making visits. I will not only make visits early in the month, I will also check on them throughout the month and pray for them daily. I think it was Richard G. Scott that said something to the effect that visiting and home teaching are our most important church callings. That means it's more important than my Relief Society calling, and I need to remember that.

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